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Avoid coming to Point of No Return - build a Water Energy Harvesting Power Stations

The project is based on the uppermost new US Patent (Nerubenko et al., Vibration energy harvesting damper. US Patent 10,644,579. May 5, 2020). There could be a lot of various implementations and applications of it. For example, see:

• G. Nerubenko, Vibration Energy Harvesting Damper in Vehicle Suspension. SAE Technical paper.
• George Nerubenko, Dmytriy Gurevych. Innovative Solution for Harvesting Energy in Marine Vessels. Paper in Proceedings of the 5thWorld Congress on Mechanical, Chemical, and Material Engineering (MCM’19), 2019
• George Nerubenko, Grigory Panovko, Alexander Shokhin. Magnetic field shielding in electric vehicles by vibration energy harvesting dampers. Artical in Vibroengineering PROCEDIA. 2020.

However, the maritime application as the Wave Energy Harvesting Power Producing Station is the most promising and perspective, because such stations can solve 2 problems: 1. Get clean electrical power (it’s like in regular energy harvesting device). 2. Generate big amounts of electrical power and in that case substitute all fossil-fueled (including Nuclear) stations and non-effective wind turbine and solar panel stations (which are subsidized by governments).